Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Autotrader problems w/update

Addendum: The problems are on my system and have nothing to do with AutoTrader. However, since it is my system, AutoTrader updates will not be as frequent. I'll try to get them on there for you dear reader, but understand I can't do it on a regular basis as I hoped. The 155 Vans listed below for Best Auto represent all vans and are not all CNG. When I can get the problems with my system straightened out, I'll post the search for the varous vehicles I have found. I even found a Chrysler Concord CNG conversion today! Must be very rare because this is the first I have heard of one.

Due to the numerous problems I have been having getting data from Autotrader, I will just advise you to perform a search of Autotrader yourself. Just search for a specific vehicle, and then enter "Natural Gas" in the advanced search under the search terms. I have e-mailed Autotrader to advise them of the problem. It may be my system, but then again it may not. Hopefully it can be corrected and I can compile things from Autotrader soon. I have tried to add vans and trucks. Best Auto has sold most of their Ford trucks and have one left as far as I know. They probably have a lot of Vans as I was able to find 155 vans on their site, but the crash occurred after I found this out and was unable to search any further.

The following vehicles should be searched for CNG:
Ford Crown Victoria, Contour, F-150, F-250, F-350, Club Wagon, E-series Van.
Chevrolet Caviler, Silverado, and Van
Honda Civic
Dodge Van.

There are probably others, but these are the most common I have encountered.

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