Wednesday, May 7, 2008

E-Bay updates to resume in on 19 May

My apologies to all who use this as a focal point to find E-bay vehicles. I have been having problems with my computer in that listing E-bay vehicles has been made a tedious process and doing so has bogged down my ever so slow system. What should take half an hour is made a long arduous process because my system keeps shutting down after going through several e-Bay entries.

Also, e-Bay keeps changing its e-mail forwarding format, necessitating changes to conform with what I feel is a proper format for listing on this site. Also, my Multiply page will take all my entries here and cross-post them to my Multiply page which necessitates further editing.

So that's the reason the e-Bay entries stopped for a while. I have also been toying with taking this site to its own domain name, however that will remain for a future where I have a little more money and time to deal with this.

I obtained a new system the other day and once I get it through its teething troubles and set up glitches, I can use it to surf at a much faster rate and the additional memory will probably prevent many of the shutdown errors I have been having. (I hope).

I do this for the love of these kind of cars. I don't have one and would really like to have one. Especially now since gas went up another twenty cents a gallon the other day.

I have a love for the Cavalier, but I find my heart set on a Crown Vic. I'd really like to get one. A Civic GX would be nice too. When the money and time is right I hope to get one soon.

I would like to thank all who read this page. I have no idea how many use this as a resource or how many hits I get. I hope dear reader, that you haven't been too inconvenienced by my lack of posts. If you do enjoy the information presented and find it useful, please by all means, leave feedback. If you have any ideas for improvements, let me know as well.

Thank you all and Keep the Blue Flame Alive!

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