Friday, April 13, 2007

E-bay and AutoTrader listing philosophy

Once an e-Bay listing has terminated and is no longer listed I will remove it. Once its relisted I will put it back up. Often times, a vehicle will not make its reserve and then will not be available for bidding. It will either then be listed on Craigsist or be put up for sale locally. Most people will continue relisting until they sell their vehicle or item. It doesn't make sense to keep a vehicle or item that is not available for bidding. e-Bay will also have CNG related parts and items such as FuelMaker home units and engine parts. Those will be listed as well.

As far as AutoTrader is concerned, I'll leave the Honda GX search up as long as AutoTrader has the same search parameters and check the link every time I update so we don't have a dead link. I will update and delete my AutoTrader search every so often and probably need to add trucks and SUV's to them. I have to search by Model and so forth, or AutoTrader crashes. I am going to try to stick to factory conversions for vehicles. Since there are so few, if anyone knows of any that need to be listed please feel free to e-mail me.

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