Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Purpose of this Blog

revised April 24, 2007

The purpose of this blog is to consolidate all the information to make searching for a used CNG vehicle easier. I will not feature trucks. I will list e-Bay trucks, but not other trucks since that would require a new search for AutoTrader. In order to get Craiglist entries I have put a set of links on the page in a listing box which has a preset search for CNG. What the CNG will find is anything listing CNG so you will get grills, sailboats and so forth. So its up to you to filter and get the cars out of it. I have tried to list cities which I have seen CNG cars. Craiglist entries should be treated like want ads and one should check the ads and so forth with all the usual cavets that answering these ads should entail.

The accuracy of these listings are solely the purvue of the listing and the organization hosting the listing under their terms of service. I take no responsibility for the accuracy and no warantee is express or implied for vehicles listed.

I will not list vehicles for people. That's not the purpose of this place. You can list your vehicle on the vendors I troll and I will, in turn, list it here. That way, there will be a common format. You can advise me of any problems with a listing and I will attempt to keep this as up-to-date as possible.

The links include vendors who sell vehicles and will also list vehicles. I take no responsibility for duplicate listings from these vendors which are also listed on e-Bay, AutoTrader or Craiglist. People do list with multiple services in order to sell their vehicle in a attempt to sell it. You are welcome to browse the vendors listed. If anyone knows of any other vendors who specialize in CNG vehicles or equipment, please feel free to let me know and I will list them.

Good luck with your CNG purchase. KEEP THE BLUE FLAME ALIVE!

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